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Your Words Can Determine How Often You Close Sales

By Chik Quintans | Sales

Nov 10
words and phrases that sell

words and phrases that sellYour Words Can Determine How Often You Close Sales

All of us would like to close more sales leads, and often the easiest way to get that accomplished is by carefully picking out the words we use when trying to seal the deal.

Very often closing a transaction hinges on so very little, and the harsh reality is that even a single word can make a huge difference. It can sway a prospect’s decision either for or against your product or service in just a few syllables.

That’s why it’s imperative to make sure we are making the most of this opportunity. Let’s examine some words and phrases that can get more conversions for you.

Words and phrases that sell

Using the Assumptive approach – Asking the prospect “How many of these do you want today?” assumes the prospect is buying and puts them in another mindset entirely, one in which they are on the road to delivery, and no longer making a decision. If you’ve done a good job of selling prior to this, this works well.

Asking directly for the sale – Many times it’s best to take the direct approach. If you’ve managed to make a good case for your product and have answered all the negatives you can think of, just be bold, (not pushy!) and ask for the sale.

Fear of loss close – Nobody wants to miss out on something that will truly help them, and this close works best when the cost of not buying is greater than the cost of the item. Fear works wonders, especially when the market is competitive.


Alternative close – Oftentimes if you have several products that may fit the bill, you can “help” the customer decide by phrasing your copy like “So after thinking about which fits your needs better at the moment, do you want to go with Product A or Product B?”

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I hope you found this post helpful to you and your business and would greatly enjoy hearing how you’re going to implement my suggestions above. In addition, I would also like to hear about what is working for you.
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