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Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages Are a Useful Addition to Your Marketing

By Chik Quintans | LinkedIn

Sep 15
LinkedIn showcase pages

Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages Are a Useful Addition to Your Marketing

A new entry in the social media marketing field is the recent introduction of LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Before we dismiss this as yet another channel we should be spending time on, let’s have a closer look at what might turn out to be a important addition to your marketing mix.

So what exactly are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a very appealing new piece of the LinkedIn puzzle. They’ve had Company pages for some time now, and they should be the face of your company on LinkedIn. Showcase Pages on the other hand, specifically target segments of your LinkedIn audience with one particular aspect or product in your business.

You are able to shine the spotlight on one particular aspect or product within your company that would be of particular interest to that group. Company Pages are a place where you can focus on the totality of your business. The Showcase Pages are meant to work alongside your Company Page, and not intended to be a replacement. On each one of these pages you’ll be able to share content and run sponsored posts.

Several uses of your LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Since currently you are limited to a total of ten Showcase Pages, you’ll need to give some thought as to how to best use them. Here’s what early adopters are finding useful.

  • Announcing special offers or deals
  • Showcasing new products
  • News and profiles of your company and industry
  • Info regarding events or webinars
  • Links to your other content on different channels
  • Placing ads to drive traffic to your pages
  • Getting more followers to your pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are very easy to set up, and are an answer to Facebook pages, right down to the large “hero” image gracing the top of each page. Information about your company and page is located towards the top, just under the main image.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are worth a look!

We’re always on the lookout for great ways to share content easily and quickly. LinkedIn Showcase Pages appear to be exactly that, and are deserving of a good look.


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