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Why visitors leave your site and what to do about it

By Chik Quintans | Search Engine Optimization : SEO

Jan 06
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Why visitors leave your site and what to do about it

In a day when the majority of visitors will leave your website within 10-12 seconds (also known as Bounce Rate), it’s critical for us to ensure that we’re not doing anything that would encourage that sort of bad behavior. Many times it may be things beyond our control. Other times, there are definite no-no’s that can cause your hard-won visitors to flee.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways this happens, and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons visitors may leave within seconds of arriving

  1. Your content isn’t all that – Old, stale boring content is a guaranteed way to send them packing. You need to update your site with fresh content that speaks to your visitor’s interests and needs regularly. Moreover, Google will most likely pay a lot more attention to you if that’s the case.
  2. Your site loads slowly – Website speed is a definite buzz-kill. Studies show that if your page isn’t loaded within 3 seconds they are outa there. Make sure you are keeping this in mind when you choose to put 27 large format pictures of your summer vacation on your home page.
  3. Don’t use autoplay – We’re all for the use of videos and audios on your site, but when this media starts in on arrival, it will likely result in a lost visitor. The exception of course is a video salespage, but for all other pages, let them click it. You never know; they might be sitting in church when your intro music chimes in.
  4. Don’t use gateway pages – Unless you’re already a top dog, or folks are just dying to see what you’ve got behind the curtain, this is nearly always a fail.
  5. Don’t kill them with ads – Hopefully most of us have gotten over this one by now, but the temptation to put one more ad in front of your audience should be resisted and saved for the appropriate time and place. Use some discretion, and be a bit smarter than the next guy. After all, we’ve likely seen this before.

There are plenty of reasons why people will want to leave. Let’s work on eliminating these and then work on providing them with reason to stay.


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Chik Quintans is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for helping sales teams and businesses grow. As the owner of UnderGround Marketing Society LLC, creating a strong online brand and building a broad footprint online for sales teams and businesses are he and his company's areas of focus. Whether that be leveraging marketing channels and approaches such as social media, reputation, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing and more. Chik Quintans can be reached on LinkedIn where you are invited to connect. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chikquintans