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Typical Ways Small Businesses Are Employing Social Media

By Chik Quintans | Small Business

May 17
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Typical ways small businesses are employing social media

It can be easy to understand how a small business could be confused as to the exact use of social media in their business. With all the attendant working parts of a marketing initiative like this, no one could be blamed for not knowing what’s necessary to do and what’s not.

To cut through a bit of that confusion, let’s take a look at what small business is finding important to focus on, and how that may work for you!

How are small businesses employing social media now?

Businesses that are thriving credit social media for a large part of their success. Over 90 percent of those surveyed by LinkedIn say that social is responsible for increased brand awareness and 82 percent say it is a very good tool for generating new leads.

Of the small businesses that identified themselves as in hyper-growth, 73 percent of them increased their social spending in the last year, while of the businesses that aren’t experiencing growth, 53 percent reported no increased effort or spend.

Where should you focus your time and money?

It is becoming more and more clear that social media does some things very well. Among these are building brand awareness, along with social advertising. Social ads are still very economical, and can be highly targeted to reach the exact audience you hope to engage. All the major platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now have ad platforms you can use from your social pages. Using social media for competitive intelligence, in addition to ongoing business education is another effort worthy of your time.

Mining social for positive reviews and mentions of your company can have long-lasting value, while there is a great deal to be learned from leading industry experts who post regularly on social media. Whichever avenues make the most sense for your small business, you should definitely take action and devote a piece of your marketing pie to using social media to grow your brand, extend your reach, and stay on the cutting edge of what your industry offers. You can be certain your competition is doing just that!


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