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Three Rules To Improve Your Marketing Game

By Chik Quintans | Marketing

Jan 09

3 Guidelines that Can Improve Your Local Marketing Game

Marketing professionals can solicit reviews via social media and email, but for the greatest results, take time to actively ask your customers for reviews yourself. Reviews are the bedrock of local marketing strategies. Consumers can read these reviews and know you are trustworthy, and they will even boost your SEO score. It is against the rules, however, to solicit reviews that are positive in exchange for incentives. It is fine, though, to offer these incentives just for an honest review.

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Get Out in the Community

Even if you have the best marketing experts handling local marketing for your organization, they cannot replace getting out there into the community. You must do this yourself. Ask a few staff members to attend local events to promote the business. Better yet, get involved in charitable events and advertise them through other marketing channels. Buyers love socially responsible businesses, so do your best to become one.

Work with Other Local Companies

Another great method of local marketing is working with other programs. Seek out firms that are not in direct competition with you but whose customers may be interested in your products or services. If you own a diner, take menus to local resorts and car rental places. If you are a florist, trade business cards or pamphlets with wedding planning shops. As long as an organization isn’t competing against you, they usually will have no problem with a quid pro quo relationship.

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Obtain Reviews from Customers

While an advertising and marketing expert can ask people to review your service through online means, it is up to you to get on the front line and request these testimonials. Reviews are an essential part to local marketing. They maximize your SEO score and let locals know they can trust your firm. Remember, though, that you can’t offer incentives for positive reviews. You can, however, offer incentives for a client’s truthful opinion.

In the grand scheme of things, all business is local. This is particularly important for small businesses to remember. And although hiring a marketing and advertising expert to handle the heavy hauling is a smart move, there are still a few things you need to do without any help to succeed.


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