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The Importance of Video Marketing – Part II

By Chik Quintans | Video Marketing

Jul 24

The Importance of Video Marketing – Part II

In a previous article, we discussed that online video was becoming a preferred way for people worldwide to get messages. Video is growing as a preference among the activities on the web, and it is growing as a tool to get people to take action on marketing messages. In some cases, where it is to the benefit of the business to establish trust with their buyer, video can be effective in bridging the gap as the buyer gets to know the business.

The last article pulled a few points from the army of statistical data supporting the use of video for business. But for emphasis, it may be helpful to mention that even among those in business, video is becoming a preferred activity. In 2010, executives surveyed by Forbes magazine stated simply that they were watching ‘more’ video than they did last year.

But for the business owners, managers and executives, probably one of the most important aspects of using this method is the cost to produce and broadcast Internet Video. In terms of the potential reach, the cost is negligible. In fact, in most cases, uploading and broadcasting video is free.

This (low cost of production) should be encouraging to business owners, so that they can focus on the more important element–making sure the video is seen by their target client. In order to make sure that the message is seen by the right grouping of people who would be receptive to the business’ USP, business owners need to seek out a professional or have a good handle on Internet Marketing. Finding the right set of target clients takes some skill to do.

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If that is the case, where can a business owner start, if he or she wants to maximize their return on investment in time? It would be ideal if an owner or manager could commit weeks of her time to create and promote videos; but that would not be the case in most businesses. Therefore, one of the best options in terms of leveraging a business’ time and money is to use the website Since holds about 40% of the online video audience each month, this is an ideal platform for most businesses to start on. provides video marketing producers an added benefit.

It is owned by Google and, therefore, when a YouTube video is optimized correctly, it can appear in the search results just like another website. Being able to have a relevant video in the search results gives businesses a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

Why? First, the business owner has an extended period of time to explain what makes their location worth coming to in the video. Second, if the business is working to make their website visible in the search results, they (the business) can occupy at least two of the first ten search results. This doubles the likelihood that a searcher will visit their site.

Third, the business can often have a video appear in the first search results for a relevant term, when older and more established companies dominate the search results with their websites. Video marketing allows for smaller companies to gain access to the marketplace and level the playing field in some ways.

Our company can help you to improve your marketing campaigns by implementing an effective video program. Our clients often have their videos appearing in the search rankings on the first page for all of their relevant terms. Call us today at 425-201-4729 so that we can help you to achieve similar results. Statistics prove that the entire world is watching an increasing number of online videos on daily basis. It is crucial that you begin to take your position in the search engines before a number of your competitors do. You can also email us at [email protected]

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