Amplify Your Business with the Key Local Ranking Factor that Really Matter.

Introducing R5Listr

There is no mystery to local ranking.
It comes down to two Primary Factors. OnPage and OffPage Optimization. R5Listr℠ solves a big part of the latter, OffPage SEO.

OffPage factors include:

  • Constant, high quality citations. A citation is a mention of your businesses name, address & phone number otherwise known as your NAP.
  • Establish online presence on major directories. Your business should be visible everywhere online. Make it easy for your customers to find you and do business with you.
  • High quality inbound links. If your website is listed and linked back to your site from high authority directories, you will both rank higher in the search engines and receive more traffic to your website.

According to Google, 84% of Consumers turn to online search to gather information for Local Purposes

To expand on this data consider the following as it relates to Consumer Behavior and the Factors in the Selection of Choosing a Business:

80 %
Consumer Behavior

Gathered information online before purchasing. 

84 %
Consumer Behavior

Used Search Engines to gather information for local purchases.

99.6 %
Consumer Behavior

Those who used search engines to gather information say search engines helped them. 

60 %
Consumer Behavior

Being able to gather quality information online saved Consumers time. 

Read more on Google's "Impact of Search Listings for Local Businesses : click here

“Local search ranking involves a strategic approach and a proven methodology
In building your businesses listing in order to get the results you seek.”

How important is it for your business to have a strong listing presence and completed listings data?

How likelihood that complete listings create Trust, Competency, viewed as a having a Good Reputation and builds Positive Brand Equity in the eye of Consumers  :

Trust : 78%

More likely to be viewed as well established.

Competence : 91%

More likely to be viewed as knows what it's doing.

Reputation : 94%

More likely to be viewed as a reputable business.

Quality Impact : 100%

More likely to be viewed as having quality products and services.

Read more on Google's "Impact of Search Listings for Local Businesses : click here

Implement R5Listr℠ today.
Just three easy Done-For-You steps:


Whether you have pre-existing listings or not we will run an audit for you to find out what is out there and accounted for before we begin the next step.


In addition to the big data aggregators, we will advise you on the best listings to claim for both the "must have" and the "hyper local" citations services.


We optimize and complete your listings with data such as your business name, address, phone number, URL, images, logo, hours of operation, etc.

But, that's not all...

Bonus : Contextual Links*

We can drip contextual links over the course of 14 or 30 days. Links are distributed randomly to the live link URLs we create for you at a rate of roughly 40-60 links per day. These are good for improving indexing and pushing some juice to those new links/citations that are built for you

* For Hyper Local Citations Only (see below)

"Great technology..."

"Great service with excellent knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, and Online Reputation. I highly recommend them!"

- Shane K - Mill Creek, WA

Businesses with the most high quality listings
will capture the majority of local search leads.

"Make Google and Other Search Engines Your Friend."

Consumers today use the Internet as the primary way of searching for the products, services and businesses they want. Most of us flock to our favorite search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and type some keywords related to what we're looking for.

Each of these search engines has its own local directory algorithm that determines which businesses within your niche and geographic area will appear at the top of the list when prospective customers conduct a search.

It's time to take action with R5Listr℠.

Get Found. Choose a Plan below:

Big Citations

"This is the perfect plan for any local business to get started."

Big Citations is the most authoritative business listing service for local ranking.

We build your citations via the three big data aggregators and a 20  "must have" citations

NOTE : Neustar is no longer supported due to an extreme cost rise.

Hyper-Local Citations

"The logical next step following Big Citations."

Now it's time to get specific, niche specific. We will identify the rare and valuable niche and locale citations sources for you business. 

We compile a Master List composed of three key elements:

  • The top 40 citation sources for your specific city.
  • The best citations sources of your top 5 ranking competitors in your niche.
  • Plus any high authority citation sources that may be missing after the list is compiled.

Social Base

"Juice up your SEO with an effective social presence."

It's a land grab for your keyword real estate, so don't wait any longer.

Four Key Ways Social Base is Utilized by Smart Businesses

Base for Managing Reputation

When a prospect does a branded search, your business will dominate one or more front page search results with your profiles.

Powerful Funneled Link Juice

Funnel or pass through link authority from the biggest social media sites and other Web 2.0 sites right to your web asset. 

Claim Unstructured Citations

The majority of Social and Web 2.0 sites we work with allow for your businesses name, address and phone number (NAP).

Grab Your Keyword Real Estate

Claim the profiles for the most important keywords phrases and/or brand names before your competition claims them. 

"They know their stuff!"

"Their program has made a quantifiable, positive difference in my business and in my life. Can't recommend them higher!"

- Caleb J - Lynnwood, WA

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With R5Listr You’ll Get...

  • High Quality Citations.
  • Brand Domination
  • Local Ranking Boost
  • Strong Online Presence

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