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Question For You. Who does Google Love The Most?


by UnderGround Marketing Society

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are right under our noses, 

yet we just don't seem to notice them. Until now...

Some of the most powerful, easy-to-rank, and trusted web assets on the internet belong to Google

Let us help you create these branded Google web assets and

leverage this inherent trust to push your brand to the next level.




When you think about it, it completely makes sense that Google gives more trust to its own products. Haven't you noticed how often you'll see a YouTube video in the top ten search results page?

As you already know, YouTube is a Google asset, but it's not the only one. Google "loves" itself and because of this, it makes total sense to leverage Google's assets to boost your own search engine rankings.


If you're not familiar with the knowledge panel, it is the informational area that appears to the right of the search engine results. This happens when a brand that is familiar to Google is searched. If you want your business to show up for your brand, Google needs to know what that brand is and who to associate it with. 

A Google Stack is “advanced entity establishment” specifically designed to reinforce your brand with Google and hold the entire process together. When Google understands that your website is the best association to your brand, you then appear in the knowledge panel.


When someone searches for your brand online, what do you expect them to find? If the top 10 results are anything but your branded properties, you need to expand your reach.

Your Google Stack will provide several branded properties created on Google's very own trusted platform. This makes it easy for them to rank.

Now when a potential customer searches for your business, they’ll know you're active and will take your business seriously.


When we are done creating a Google Stack, we effectively create a parasite page effect that can generate tremendous results.

By leveraging the trust Google has in itself, you can occupy multiple top 10 spots for specific keywords.

Take over multiple positions in your local search results and make it nearly impossible for the competition to get a footing on the first page!

A Complete Done-For-You Service

We create strong topical & keyword relevancy, build a massive amounts of backlinks, and even rank Google properties in the search engines for your targeted keywords. To keep things extra safe, links and keywords are filtered through thirteen Google web assets..









What our customers are saying:

The depth and richness of G-Luvr will blow you away.

I CAN NOT BELIEVE how amazingly thorough Chik and his team were in creating this service. The depth and richness of G-Luvr will blow you away. The content is on point. The visual presentation is professional. The research for each component is phenomenal.

Well done friend, well done.

JUSTIN M  //  Consultant

Incredible offer for local business rankings.

Google loves itself, so when you use all the Google properties together with good citation building, you will rank in the maps, exactly where a local business needs to be.
What I like about this service is...
How fast the turnaround was.
How detailed everything is.
How nice the reporting is .

If you are on the fence about this service, don't be!

#SEOsavage #Greatproduct

MARC J  //  Business Owner

This Service is PERFECT for 

For now, any local based business can benefit the most. Businesses that have a specific city or area that they serve. Whether it is a service area or a brick and mortar.

Just to be clear, you should already have a verified Google My Business listing for the site before you order.

Even though these Google Link Funnels can help you rank in any industry, with our method of creating Google Stacks, we rely on a local maps listing.

Some Recent Results with G-Luvr

NOTE: Results will vary from business to business and are not guaranteed. 

You'll Be Amazed At The Level of Detail

These Are Contructed Together

  • We fully utilize every available Google property to its max potential. For example, we use Google Shortened URLS to push keyword relevancy to your social and citation URLs from each property. 
  • We heavily interlink from and to each property within the Google Drive Stack using naked URLs, Google Short Links, and targeted keyword anchors.
  • These properties are not only powerful, but they also look great.
  • They come 100% branded for you. We gather photos and logo from your website and fully optimize these images with GPS data, NAP, Keyword titles, and tags.
  • We link out to your Google Map listing with Short and long URLs. We drive even more relevance and power by using your company’s NAP as the anchor test pointing to your map.
  • All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Bottom line is that these properties are done right, done comprehensively, look beautiful, and are powerful.

Join Our Happy Customers

It's a winner for local ranking!

I saw this working out in the wild this year before Undeground Marketing Society offered it so was glad to jump on using G-Luvr! Its a winner for local all around, especially to build up your authority to get more spots on the map pack

JIMMY W.  //  Social Media Manager

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