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SEO: Optimizing the Business and Its Website

By Chik Quintans | Search Engine Optimization : SEO

Aug 08

SEO: Optimizing the Business and Its Website

In our last discussion, we talked about making sure that a business covered both direct and indirect keywords. A business can benefit from having people find them after they have searched for information on what they know to be the solution to their problems. For example, a patient is near-sighted and knows that an optometrist can help them solve their vision problem. That person might start looking to research different optometrists in their local area, or what they can expect from these specialists.

However, some people may not know that it is an optometrist that can help them with their problem; so they may start by doing research on “near-sighted” or “the symptoms of being near-sighted.” Regardless of where the customer starts his or her search, it is a good strategy for a business to want to have their website show up in the “top ten” for both phrases in the search engines. SEO can help them to appear in both the direct and indirect searches as long as they are relevant to the business.

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The question that naturally comes to mind is that it may not be possible for any one website to cover both the direct and indirect terms and make sense to someone who is actually visiting the site. Going back to the optometrist example, the best answer may not be to have their website cover eyeglasses and eye diseases. A better strategy may be to have different web properties, optimized for different categories of the best keywords.


A web property is a separate website or web page. Your company website is one web property. Your blog (if you have one) could be a second web property. If you have Internet videos on, that is considered to be another separate web property. Of course, the same is true for a Facebook fan page; that, too, is considered to be yet another web property. A business can, over time, develop different web properties to cover both direct and indirect keywords. Once those web properties are optimized for the search engines, searchers will be able to encounter a business whether they are researching a solution, or researching a problem. A business with multiple web properties that can be found during a searcher’s efforts is more profitable than a business with a focus on just one site.

In our next article, we will look at the benefits and the process of optimizing one of these web properties for the search engines. In particular, we will look at Internet video. Because the number of people who prefer Internet video is on the rise, it is becoming a necessity for a business to communicate its message in that way.

Our company is skilled in assisting business owners in developing different web properties to cover the best keywords that are both directly and indirectly related. In working with your business, we will determine which best keywords are the ones where prospects are going to be ready to buy your product. We then help you decide on the right web property and then execute a plan to get it (the web property) to appear in the top ten, or page one, of search engine results. Call us today at 425-201-4729 or email us at [email protected] so that we can start our research on your behalf.

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