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SEO: Optimizing for the Search Engines Using Internet Video

By Chik Quintans | Search Engine Optimization : SEO

Dec 10

SEO: Optimizing for the Search Engines Using Internet Video

In our last article, we talked about the benefits of having multiple web properties to optimize for the search engines. In fact, as you may have been thinking about your own website, you know that it might not make much sense to address all keywords (directly and indirectly related) in one place. In some cases, the best approach may be to use different web properties to address different keywords. We mentioned general categories of web properties: Blogs, Internet Videos, Social Media Sites, Audio Podcasts, etc. The practice of using different properties to cover different keywords is a good approach because: 1) it can be done over time, and 2) it can help a company to adapt to customer’s preferences in the marketplace.

But using different kinds of web properties also makes sense when a company takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the properties themselves. In other words, a company can optimize any of the different kinds of web properties for search. A blog can be optimized; an internet video can be optimized and so can the other kinds. But if you, as a business owner, can take this one step farther, you will find more willing buyers coming to your website.

Internet Video

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Taking the concept “one step farther”, means that a company can use the unique benefits of each web property to interact with the people who are searching for a particular term. For instance, when a business benefits from communicating in a very personal way with words, a blog should be optimized for the targeted keywords. When a business benefits from interaction with its buyers, then a fan page should be optimized for the targeted keywords. When a business benefits from a visual demonstration of some aspect of their product or service, or a display of a personal nature, internet video should be optimized for related keywords.

Internet video is a great way to engage new customers, who either want to see “what the product or service might be like” or see “who is behind the business”. But there is an added benefit. In some cases, a video is easier to optimize for one of the top ten spots than a website is. In other words, as a business discovers a new potential market, it would be costly and time consuming to have content written and an rearranged on the company website. Those limitations do not exist with an Internet video. Each internet Video can be optimized almost as if it is a separate web property.

For example, if were to go back to our optometrist example, the benefit may be clearer. If it is discovered that a supplement of some kind reduces the risk of eye disease, it may be impractical to redo an entire website. It may be practical, however, for a company to create and optimize an internet video to be found when someone searches for the name of the supplement, or the supplement when related to eye treatment. This is one way that a business can use a web property approach to optimize their entire business instead of just their company website.

Our company works with its clients to make sure that their business is optimized for the keywords that are both relevant and profitable. Whether the term represents something new or a twist on something old, we can help you use the right property for the right situation. Our clients are using video as separate web properties to take advantage of new trends they come up. Call us at 425-201-4729 or email us at [email protected] so that we can help you to do the same in your business.

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