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Introducing R5Boostr℠

Is automated content syndication possible to boost search engine rankings? YES it is!

  • Move up the search rankings which will help drive more eyeballs and sales to your business.
  • Establish online Authority as your content is syndicated automatically to Web 2.0 authority sites.
  • Just publish like you normally do and the system does the rest, be it blog content or video content.

You and your team work hard to produce high quality content, but nobody is seeing it...

You might already be doing the right thing by sharing your content on major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But guess what? So is your competition. Which means you are playing in a crowded space without distinguishing your content from everyone else's out there.

You may have been thinking that this approach which everyone said you should be doing is simply not working. Unfortunately frustration sets in and you give up on your campaign. Or perhaps you've hit a plateau and haven't been able to break through that ceiling. Well, we know exactly how you feel.

"Content is King", right? Then why isn't my great content not getting any traction? Truth is, content IS still King. Only if you have the right system.

“These networks that we build for your business are tightly themed, hand built, and interconnected to provide high authority and trust that will build over time..”

So what if there was a way to truly make your content "King"? No more frustration, just excitement building up over time. Instead, you want to create even more great content and reap all the benefits. Well, we have a system to help you get there.

Implement R5Boostr℠ today and
you'll receive the following advantage:


Move up in the search rankings which will help drive more eyeballs and sales to your businesses web assets. Did you know 95.91% of all clicks occur on Page 1 of Google.


Establish online Authority as
your content is automatically syndicated to Web 2.0 and other authority web sites. Doing this brings more power to your website and other assets.


You already know that a big part of converting sales is a numbers game. More opportunities = more sales. Create more opportunities to sell and convert with more traffic to your web assets.

"Great technology..."

"Great service with excellent knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, and Online Reputation. I highly recommend them!"

- Shane K - Mill Creek, WA

Be everywhere online giving you and your brand that omnipresence that bigger companies have.

"Make Google and Other Search Engines Your Friend."

Not so long ago, having a website was more than enough to attract new clients and to be “The Cool Guy of the Block”. But with so many new sites being created each and every day, those days are long gone. Now, you need to approach your Online marketing efforts from a traffic point of view. No traffic = No sales. No Sales = Useless Webpage.

Social Media Platforms are a topic in and of themselves, but for the time being, you must use social platforms to broaden your reach. Your Social Web Assets need to have your Brand and Niche on them!

Have an “Omnipresent” Approach.

The approach to your internet marketing efforts must be “Anything and Everything” instead of “Either / Or”. By this we mean that if you are given the choice of managing your webpage or your WordPress.com blog, why should you have to choose? Use them both. Use them all!

That’s exactly what you get with R5Boostr℠: Plus you won't have to manage multiple properties (several dozens at a time in fact) that talk about your business without you having to write the same article over and over and add the same video multiple times – pretty powerful, and time saving, huh?

You want to draw traffic from all over the place, using as many platforms as possible. A huge mistake made by many businesses is to think in terms of just one website, just one profile, just one post, etc. That usually means that whenever Google decides to rock the boat a little and take a closer look at your website, it could be catastrophic for your business. And any business that depends solely on Google to generate traffic and sales is not a business; it becomes an entirely different concept dependent on Google’s whims.

It's time to take action with R5Boostr℠.

The Old Way:

Work hard to create high quality and engaging content that your visitors will love.

Share it on social networks like Facebook, , Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.

Use Black Hat methods like buying cheap  & questionable external links to your site. 

Hope that you get ranked without getting penalized  Black Hat methods.

Problem 1: You're only syndicating your content on the major social networks where you're suppose to. But, your  content is competing heavily for eyeballs like everyone else.  

Problem 2: You're relying on external links you have no control over at a potentially great risk of penalty (lose ranking or worse yet being de-indexed by the big "G" search engine.

The New Way:

Again, create high quality and engaging content that your visitors will love and share.

Automagically syndicate your content to all your tiered networks by hitting "publish"

Fresh content into your networks further gives each  properties more authority.

Watch as your content and web assets rise in the search engines. Get more traffic!

Solution : You're creating authority with mass outbound syndication in an eco-system you control. Therefor your risk is minimized while you still reap all the benefits by giving the big "G" search engine what it wants.

Your Options:

1 Tier One

"Getting the right kind of search engine loving backlinks will propel your site or video upwards."

Connect your website or YouTube channel to a single network (Tier One) to gain automated backlinks to over 20 properties! All properties are themed and interconnected.

1 Tier Two+

"Add even more power to your Tier One R5Boostr℠."

Use a single Tier Two Network based on a persona to give additional power to your website or YouTube channel. All properties are themed and interconnected.

3 Tier Two

"Juice up your Tier One network!"

Use 3 Tier Two Networks based on personas to give additional power to your website or YouTube channel. All properties are themed and interconnected.

A Full Two Tier

"Absolute Maximum Power to your Web Asset."

A Full Two-Tier Network is the ultimate in syndication automation. Connect this to your website or YouTube channel for over 80 syndication points for every post you make! All properties are themed and interconnected.

"They know their stuff!"

"Their program has made a quantifiable, positive difference in my business and in my life. Can't recommend them higher!"

- Caleb J - Lynnwood, WA

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"Excellent Results!"

"Amazing service. The best customer service too. The UnderGround Marketing Society team has a wealth of knowledge and talent. You cannot go wrong employing them to help your business succeed!"

- Diane B - Woodland Park, CO

With R5Booster℠ You’ll Get...

  • Between 20 to 80 Authority Web Sites. You Choose the Plan.
  • Fully Themed to Your Niche
  • Completely Interconnected
  • Full Time Network Monitoring

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