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Local Business Owners and the Benefits of Using Facebook Live

By Chik Quintans | Facebook

Mar 13

How Local Business Owners Can Reep the Benefits of Using Facebook Live

Video is becoming most liked in the digital world every day. This is evidenced by Facebook’s 135 percent improved organic reach for videos over image posts. Simply realizing this statistic should be enough to prove how powerful of a tool Facebook Live can be in the advertising and marketing world. As it so happens, though, improved reach is not the only reward local business owners will see.

Combines Offline and online Marketing

Even though marketing is in its digital age, it doesn’t mean offline marketing is a thing of the past. Organizations can still do quite well by attending local festivals, sponsoring local community charities and even hosting events. Not every fan can attend these affairs, but they can certainly catch them via Facebook Live.

Enhanced Marketing Metrics on Facebook

Facebook has long provided tools that allowed companies to track their reach on the site. Instead of seeing how many people liked or shared a status, page owners can actually see how many people viewed the post. Keeping up with this user-friendly image, Facebook Live also comes with numerous analytics tools.

In addition to seeing how many people viewed the video, Facebook Live also gives metrics on the peak concurrent viewers and the amount of people who are viewing the video at any given time. This means marketers can see the exact moment their viewership declined, and they can use these details to improve their video marketing.

Facebook Assists in Promotion

Facebook Live is still in its infancy, so the social media giant is doing its best to promote the program. This means Live videos often end up towards the top of people’s newsfeeds. Additionally, Facebook will often send a notification when a page a fan likes starts a live broadcast. This cost-free advertising might not last forever, so local business owners should take advantage now.

Social media sites are continually trying out new things, and in some cases, their ideas fall flat. This is simply not the case with Facebook Live. The new application is doing everything from causing social change to promoting business events. If companies utilize the tool correctly, there is no limit on how effective they can be.


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