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It’s not working anymore: SEO tactics that have outlived their time

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

Jun 25
SEO tactics

SEO tacticsIt’s not working anymore: SEO tactics that have outlived their time

Google is always working, it seems, at cross purposes to anything we’re trying to do to get better rankings for our pages. If you’ve been doing this (trying to rank pages) for any amount of time, you’ll have acquired a bag of tricks that you’ve used for this purpose. Over time, many of these have become ineffective. What worked a year ago doesn’t this year, or worse, it hurts you. So it’s time for us to review some of the SEO tactics that worked over the past few years that you should no longer be using.

SEO tactics to toss in the trash for 2014

Keyword stuffing – The days of sliding your primary keyword into every space imaginable are not just gone, if you still do this your page will get pounded, as far as visibility is concerned. Write for readers, not search engines, and don’t think Google won’t notice all those keywords you stuffed in the footer.

Micro content – Nowadays the pages that rank on the first pages of Google are alike in that they sport longer, more in-depth content. The days when we could get by with throwing up 250-300 words of dubious quality are long gone, as far as your main blog and site pages are involved. There’s a place for micro-content; such as on sites like Tumblr, Facebook and other primarily social sites.

Article marketing – This one died a while ago. Since Panda came down the pike, article directories have struggled. To post your content there these days and expect much of anything in the way of traffic or links is an exercise in futility.

No variance in keyword anchor text – Google is not fooled by our attempts to sway the search engine results pages (SERPs) with phony link profiles. It is far better now to obtain your links naturally, and try to get no more than 20-30% of anchor text in your main keyword. Let some Click here’s, some naked URLs and other random link text make their way onto your page. This is a much more natural occurrence, and won’t raise any red flags.

The absence of social media – Not so long ago, if you were totally turned off by the thought of dealing with social media on your site, you didn’t have to. Now, you may as well start selling shoes. (Offline) Be sure and make your posts and pages socially sharable and start your own social sites if you haven’t already.

Site-wide links – An entirely obvious link building scheme, why would anyone think it is normal to have a site link to every page? Google certainly doesn’t think so.

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I hope you found this post helpful to you and your business and would greatly enjoy hearing how you’re going to implement my suggestions above. In addition, I would also like to hear about what is working for you.
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