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Internet Marketing In a Downturn

By Chik Quintans | Online Marketing

May 14

Internet Marketing In a Downturn

As you set your sights on higher profits during what is supposed to be a downturn, you will hear a lot from sales people about what you can ‘buy’ from them to get more ‘leads’ for your business. Some of the solutions will work for you and some of them wont. That is the nature of new technologies and methods. They tend to work for the manager or owner who inclined toward the method. Owners and managers that are technical, tend to find new solutions that are technical. Owners and managers that believe in a close and personal approach, find new solutions that highlight that.

However, you will find that the new solutions still have within them the basics in marketing fundamentals. That is why they work. And if you are exercising these fundamentals in the downturn, not only will you survive, you will thrive. These practices aren’t optional. They are actually the keys of having a successful marketing plan.

It is very easy to gravitate toward building an “app” or working with a ‘deal’ site company like Groupon.Com or LivingSocial.Com. When we hear success stories about companies that use them, it certainly sounds like the “thing-to-do”. But the key to using them effectively is by building them on a marketing system that has the fundamentals that this article will discuss.

In his HMA or Hidden Marketing Assets system, Richard Johnson suggests that there are eight key things that every business must have as part of its marketing system. Johnson did not create the principles; he simply organized them into understandable statements and then suggested that they all work together. If you are going to be successful in navigating this downturn, you will need to execute each one of these things consistently.

The way or means that you choose (internet search, mobile marketing, app, deal site) to execute them is situational and depends on what fits you and your business. They (ways you do it) are negotiable; but the eight principles are non-negotiable. They must be done consistently. We will introduce you to four of them today (which Johnson calls “the core four”). They are:

You need to have a USP or Unique Selling Proposition. This gives buyers a reason to come to your location and answers the question, “why should I buy from you”? It should be integrated into everything that you do.

You need to make sure that you are not only focused on getting new prospects. You also need to focus on getting your customers to buy from you more frequently. Moreover, you must add to that effort some work to make sure that each sale has a high a dollar amount as you can give value for. Using these two principles together will maximize your advertising effort.

You need to have at least one customer database. This will allow you to contact buyers and prospects to let them know what your company is up to and how they can benefit. It also keeps you on their mind. In this world of constant noise and information, you need to make sure that you speak up for yourself and your company.

Internet Marketing In a Downturn

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You need to work together with several businesses that have a similar client base in order to give them access to your customer database, and so that you can to get access to theirs. The promotion that you do is not as important as getting the new prospects to become part of your database.

If you were to look at these practices, it may seem that they overlap. But a better way to look at this is that they work together. Getting the “core four” into your business on a daily basis may seem to be a bit overwhelming, but they are absolutely necessary to overcome the long term effects of downturn. Make sure to incorporate them into your overall plan, and as you work with your marketing department or consultant, let them give you feedback on how to do it effectively.

When we implement your marketing plan, we do more than just get you search rankings. In fact, you have probably been contacted by firms from all over the country (maybe even the world) promising that they can give you high placement. We work to do more than that for you. We know that it takes more than just getting more prospects to be successful. You need more than the latest marketing tactic. You need a strategy and a plan and that is what we do best. Call us to find out how we can customize a plan for you.

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