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Interested In Pinterest

By Chik Quintans | Blogging

Aug 21

Interested In Pinterest

The scrapbook, the pin board on your bedroom wall or the pin board on your office cubicle wall were your private collections. Of course these are still precious to many of us; however, the internet is now allowing you to air your favorite recipes, pictures, photos, artwork etc.

Social networking sites are great places to share and keep up with friends and family, and now Pinterest is taking it a bit further. This site has all the infrastructure of a virtual pin board – you just need to pin your favorites. So if you are interested in Pinterest you are at the right place. 

Pinterest was launched in 2009 and founded by Bill Silbermann. By August 2011 it was included in Time magazine’s article known as ’50 Best Websites of 2011′, December 2011 saw it as one of the 10 largest social network services, and in January 2012pinterest was the fastest site in history with a list of 11.7 million users.



The number of people interested in Pinterest grew dramatically in a span of two years and the majority of the unique users are reported to be women. The fairer sex has found a unique platform where they can share special events, moments, pictures, thoughts, ideas, recipes and probably even gossip. Members are allowed to take from the main pin board whatever they take a fancy to and pin it in their personal pin board. 

Men are a major part of people in UK who are interested in Pinterest compared to the men folk in USA; the English members are ten years younger than the average American member. The ability to open a Pinterest account and access it by linking it to your Facebook or Twitter account makes it more popular and allows a large prolific membership. If you are interested in Pinterest and wish to access it on the move you just need to have the Pinterest iPhone Apps and you are completely sorted.

To make it faster ‘follow me’ button and the ‘pin it’ button can be added to any personal page or your blog space in your web browser. 

People interested in Pinterest are simply making this site the place to go to if you wish to know what is the latest in gadgets, clothes, accessories, vacation spots, food, anything. Members find something interesting and pin it on the board; visitors see something they like and go to the respective site to buy it or book it. Beautiful holidays spent in idyllic places displayed on the pinterest can pull enormous amount of traffic to the respective vacation site or traveling agent. Yes the site is a potential marketplace for nearly anything and everything worth seeing, buying or watching. 

So if there is a store that sells stuff worth falling in love with, share it with your Pinterest members by pinning a snap and talking about it. If you had the best time of your life somewhere, share photos and tell your fiends on Pinterest.

If you have found the best wedding dress maker, pin snapshots and tell your friends, and there is more to discover, share and know once you are a member of the fastest growing site with unending valuable information. The site is easy to browse through and is a delight for your eyes with its extraordinary visual content, pinned by the charming users, instinctively making sure you get interested in Pinterest.

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