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How to capitalize on the new trends in mobile marketing

By Chik Quintans | Mobile

Sep 21

How to capitalize on the new trends in mobile marketing

We’ve all heard that consumers are making a large move into doing business on their mobile devices, but what does this mean exactly? What steps should we take as merchants and vendors to reach the mobile market as they roam the streets, looking for deals they may use?

So why not take a closer look at how the mobile consumer is behaving with their myriad of devices these days, and then look at how you can reasonably benefit from that.

Mobile marketing by the numbers

  • It’s official: fully over half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device
  • A whopping 74 percent of shoppers are using their mobile devices to shop before they buy
  • While a large percentage, 82 percent, still venture into your store to make the purchase, 26 percent manage to seal the deal from their phone.
  • And they’re not holding out! 55 percent of mobile shoppers would like to purchase in an hour, and 83 percent within 24 hours!

So what can we learn from these numbers? Mobile consumers are in many instances completing the whole shopping cycle, from researching their wants and desires to actually making the purchase via a mobile platform.

Musts for any merchant or advertiser hoping to reach the mobile market

Your audience is now taking the shopping platform with them wherever they go. It’s your job to ensure that you are not only present, but able to service their desires every bit as well as if they were in your store. Here are a few ways to help with that. Make sure you are putting up a fully functional and optimized mobile site. If you have a shopping app to sit right alongside it, that’s a double win. You’ll want to be sure the site renders well on all devices and platforms.

Secondly, there are so many opportunities now within the mobile ad space. Take advantage of the large inventories of available ads as well as relatively low prices you’ll find there. In addition, always be on the lookout for new ways to reach the mobile user. One recent one that is very promising is retargeting via Facebook ads.

Mobile marketing is a great tool to add to your marketing mix. You audience is using it, shouldn’t you be?


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