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How to Get More People to Click Your Links

By Chik Quintans | Search Marketing

Feb 22
how to get more people to click your links

How to Get More People to Click Your Links

Much of the time in our quest to connect with an audience, make sales, get opt-ins and more, we are depending on our visitors to make that connection via a web link. Thus it would stand to reason that one of our primary tasks in this quest is to make it our business to understand how to get them to click!

Turns out there’s more to this than simply hyperlinking “Click here” and expecting them all to show up and shower us with money, emails and more. You really have to coax these things out of them. (You didn’t think it was that easy, did you?) Man clicking through a website.

So to help make your pages a veritable clicking paradise, let’s examine 5 tips on how to optimize your links for clicks.

5 Tips for getting more clicks from your links!

Get informative with your click text – You have the option to make your links both informative and enticing. Don’t waste this! “Click here” conveys almost nothing in the way of information about what you’re offering or they’re getting. Studies show that link text like “Download your Free PDF Now!” perform far better.

Make every link serve a purpose – Don’t link to any other page without a clear purpose. This means to either an offer, resource or other content that will benefit your audience. (and you!) This is especially true for landing pages, where you hopefully have a singular purpose for any links on the page.

Understand about the color of your links – There is a definite psychology regarding color, and you need to have this firmly in mind when designing links and buttons. For example, blue is a trust color, and orange encourages quick action. Get aquainted with these concepts!

Don’t promise what you aren’t delivering – If you think it’s a good idea to get them to click on your links by using techniques like “clickbait”, think again. You’ll have broken any trust you might have had, and be rewarded with massive bounce rates.

Use strategic placement – Understand that the placement of your links is very important. Almost always on a landing page you’ll want one link “above the fold” on the page, and include others every scroll or two. After all, the objective is to get the click, right!


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