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Several Reasons Why You Should Investigate PPC for Your Small Business

By Chik Quintans | Pay Per Click : PPC

Jul 10
reasons to use PPC for local marketing

reasons to use PPC for local marketingSeveral Reasons Why You Should Investigate PPC for Your Small Business

Many people are under the assumption that pay per click is a waste of money for local markets, and they couldn’t be more wrong. There are a lot of good uses for PPC for local that can not only deliver new customers or prospects, but also improved search engine results.

We’re going to take a moment to look at why PPC for local business is a great idea, and check out why you need to begin embracing it if you aren’t already.

Four great reasons to use PPC for local marketing

You’ll get near instant traffic – While it can take years and much effort to acquire a top organic search engine result, with PPC it can be fairly instantaneous. Set up your campaign properly and you can have targeted visitors in a few minutes. In addition to that, you also benefit from the boatload of data that this generates, items such as keyword effectiveness, which ads are working and much more.

Own more search engine real estate – Even though you might be doing well on the organic side, with a page one listing for at least one page, wouldn’t it be awesome to own a top PPC listing on that same page as well. Not just that, it didn’t take years to acquire either. This can help in several ways, among them pushing competitors down or off the page, and helping solidify your brand in the minds of consumers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools available, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or many other factors.

Employ remarketing – A relative newcomer to online ads is remarketing. These are the sorta creepy, (yet highly effective) ads that seem to follow you wherever you go online. Like it or not, ad networks are tracking what your interests are, and using that information. The good news is, now you can use this to your advantage as well.

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I hope you found this post helpful to you and your business and would greatly enjoy hearing how you’re going to implement my suggestions above. In addition, I would also like to hear about what is working for you.
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