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Discover How Hashtag Marketing Can Work for your Business

By Chik Quintans | Social Media

Sep 11
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Discover How Hashtag Marketing Can Work for your Business

If you spend any time on Twitter, or now many of the other social networks, you know how widespread the use of #hashtags has become. They’ve become shorthand for entire groups and segments of people and movements.

It’s now possible to even utilize Emojis in your hashtags, at least on Instagram. The other networks will soon follow suit, I imagine.

Hashtags can serve many marketing purposes, some of them being be to engage with your audience, discover what they are talking about and help you in your branding efforts.

To get you pointed in the right direction, here’s 5 tips you can use to make your hashtag marketing more effective.

5 Tips for Effective Hashtag Marketing

Research what your audience is talking about – One of the highest and best uses for hashtags is to grab some quick intelligence on what your audience is already thinking, reacting to, and talking about. This is golden, and can help the entire scope of your marketing efforts.

Look into paid promotion – Promoting your hashtag on Twitter can sometimes make a popular campaign wildly popular. Only do this when you’ve got a good one going. The goal here is to have your hashtag make in onto Twitter’s trending list.

Use local hashtags for local promotion – If you would like to promote specific local locations for your business, use local geo-modifiers to identify neighborhood businesses. A very easy and effective way to increase the reach of your brand.

Found a trending hashtag? Join the conversation! – A fantastic way to leverage the power of popular hashtags is to jump into the ongoing conversation. Don’t attempt to hijack, but rather add substance to the discussion, in a way only your brand can!

Energize your other marketing efforts with hashtags – The judicious use of hashtags can be a quick way to amplify your already running marketing campaign. Pointing to and drawing attention with the sensible use of hashtags can bring you visitors you may not have had.

Hashtags are really easy to use, and can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal. Start using them today!


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