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David and Goliath: Competing in SEO with Large Corporations

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

May 08

David and Goliath: Competing in SEO with Large Corporations

Although it can be tiresome, local business owners acknowledge just how necessary search engine optimization (SEO) is for making their corporation successful. If you snag Google’s top spot, for example, your page will garner a click-through rate of almost 35 percent. If you are a private business owner, though, it may be tough to overcome competition from large corporations. If you remember these steps, though, your SEO strategy can still pay off huge.

Go for Long Tail Keywords

There are basic keywords that clearly fit into your market. Unfortunately, it is difficult to take on the big names on these search terms. Instead, give attention to creating long tail keywords that people are likely to search for. A swimming pool store, for example, could go for the keyword ‘above ground swimming pool installed’ as opposed to ‘swimming pool store.’ Big brands spend less time on long tail keywords, so you have an improved chance of cornering the market.

Concentrate Locally

Around One half of people engaged in local searches will visit a company within a day. This statistic alone is sufficient to prove you should put time into local SEO. By doing this, though, you will also better contend with big brands.

Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald’s and other massive corporations do not typically invest much in local SEO. After all, they’d have to spend cash and create large amounts of content for every locale they have a presence in. Add your city and surrounding city names to your long tail keywords for excellent results.

Do Not Skimp on the Content

Huge businesses have domain authority, great backlinks and large resource pools. What they sometimes fail to give attention to, though, is content marketing. They often simply don’t have time to create blogs, infographics or other content that focuses on specific niches.

This means that, if you put out excellent content regularly, people will see you as a trusted industry source. This will lead to extra backlinks, more social engagement and a variety of other beneficial factors that will help your organization compete.

Seo is the best thing you can do for your website. And as it turns out, you really can take on large corporations in the SEO field. With the right plans, you could even win.


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