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Customer Surveys: Because What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

By Chik Quintans | Blogging

Mar 18

Customer Surveys: Because What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

Do you really know how well you’re doing with your customers and clients? Are there problem areas or gaps in your customer support you’re unaware of? Would you like to discover what they really think? There’s only one way to get this information—ask them! A well-crafted customer survey can be a great tool that will help you learn the answers to these and several other items you might not even have known were issues for your customers.

Customer Surveys

So why ask questions at all?

The main reason to ask is to head off potential issues and find which of our ways are working and which are not. Usually, we never get negative feedback unless there’s an egregious error. Most people won’t bother; they’ll simply look elsewhere. Not only that, they’ll probably tell their close friends and family about their experience with your company. They might even write a negative review on Yelp or Google Local. And their story will have a lot of weight—even among people who aren’t in their social circles. As outlined by a study by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics, nearly three-quarters of U.S. consumers say they trust the info supplied by total strangers online! According to more than 50 percent of the buying public have issues or complaints with the products and services they purchase. Doing a survey that helps you identify and correct mistakes can be the difference between retaining a customer or not—and getting a good review or a bad one.

What type of questions are the most effective?

Know what you want to learn from your survey, and be sure that you ask questions that need more than a numerical value or checking a box. Don’t ask “Yes” or “No” questions as they don’t give you enough information. Allow your respondents to hold court on their encounters with your business.

How exactly should you hold the survey?

There are lots of ways to conduct a survey. If possible, however, choose an an online survey, which gives the person responding to it a decent chance to think about and form good responses, something which probably wouldn’t happen through a phone call or face to face encounter. When possible, have an incentive for filling out your survey. If you need help with this, consider a survey company that does most of the heavy lifting for you, such asSurveyMonkey.

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