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Creating a Workable Marketing Plan for your Small Business

By Chik Quintans | Marketing

Feb 02
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Creating a Workable Marketing Plan for your Small Business

I bet every time you’ve seen the cart placed before the horse, it never worked. So it would follow that this type of approach in business is doomed to fail also? Yep. If you’re starting out you need to create a marketing plan for your small business PRIOR to spending money or worse, your valuable time.

Crafting this marketing plan is not hard, or particularly time-consuming, nevertheless it does require some thought. Let’s have a look at 5 tips for creating a marketing plan for your small to get more people to click your links

5 Tips for a killer small business marketing plan

Determine your goals – You need one primary goal, and a few smaller intermediate type goals that will help motivate and gauge progress along the way. Write them down so all can see and be held accountable.

Define who your audience is – Taking a snapshot of who your ideal customer is, and what they like, dislike, where they hang out and more is a crucial step in making an intelligent marketing plan. Knowing this information in advance saves much time and money.

How you intend to market – There are innumerable ways to get your message out, but knowing the best and right way for your particular business can give you a clear focus and save resources. Whichever method you choose, whether it’s paid ads or organic search marketing, it needs to be the right one for you!

Know what else you need – There will very likely be pieces in the puzzle that are critical to the plan that need to be in pace as well. This can sometimes be a marketing funnel, landing pages or an email marketing sequence.

Set a timeline – Giving your campaign a timeline for implementation and completion is key to a successful marketing plan. It will also help keep all members of the team on task and striving to the goal.


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Chik Quintans is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for helping sales teams and businesses grow. As the owner of UnderGround Marketing Society LLC, creating a strong online brand and building a broad footprint online for sales teams and businesses are he and his company's areas of focus. Whether that be leveraging marketing channels and approaches such as social media, reputation, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing and more. Chik Quintans can be reached on LinkedIn where you are invited to connect.