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Check Out These 7 Awesome Ideas for Videos

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

Oct 19
awesome ideas for videos

Check Out These 7 Awesome Ideas for Videos

None of us needed Cisco Systems to tell us that by 2017 consumer online traffic will be 69 percent video based. We can see that, as all of us are seemingly addicted to watching internet video.

This is both bad and good for marketers, since on the one hand we know that video helps conversions by a large degree, and can be useful for finding a far wider audience by virtue of their viral and sharable nature. However, when you are at a loss as to what type of videos to produce, or feel as though you have nothing, inaction follows and you miss out.

To avoid that second scenario, we’ve compiled 7 great ideas for your business to create videos that will be of interest to your audience.

7 Ideas for Creating Videos for your Business

Product Demo – Making a demo of your products and services is one of the best uses for video in your business. Not only will it help demonstrate why people need your product, it will help expose your business to a vast audience via YouTube.

Rolling out New Products – If you are launching a new product, this type of video can serve as a sales tool on your web page. This is an entirely different emphasis, as you are writing for sales.

Product Tutorials – In-depth tutorials are a consumer’s delight, especially if your products are a challenge to some not technically oriented. These can also be used in lead generation through YouTube.

Video Testimonials – A video testimonial from some of your best customers can be gold when it comes to providing social proof for your business. Often all you need to do is ask, as well as give them a link back to their site.

Tips Videos – Often times you can expand your audience and reach by producing tip videos on aspects of your market that your audience may find challenging. This a good authority and link building tactic.

Interview Influencers – Getting an interview with an influencer or thought leader in your market can help you grow in stature in your audience’s eyes. It can also be of use to the interviewee, as they get exposed to a new audience as well.

Webinar and Event Invites – A short video announcing events, such as a new webinar or live event is a much better way to get a larger turnout. Use your imagination!


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