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Boom! 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mojo

By Chik Quintans | Social Media Marketing

Apr 08

Boom! 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mojo

Way back in the day (last year) it was a comparatively simple proposition to rank your pages in Google’s search results. Optimize the pages, have good, unique content and create a slew of backlinks to them.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case!

Not anymore. Google has upped the ante, and in addition to making sure we’re still managing to accomplish the majority of the above named items, we are now expected to have a viable and flourishing social media presence to boot! This means complete social profiles, daily or more posts, and interaction with your peeps regularly.3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mojo

What in the name of Twitter are we supposed to do?

Here are three simple methods for you to enhance the level of engagement with your brand, increase the size of your prospective audience, and positively increase word of mouth concerning your business.

  1. Utilize visual media – Anyway you slice it, the majority of us now would rather watch rather than read. Regardless of whether we are driven to this by time constraints or the fact that it’s simply easier, that is the state of our society nowadays. Backing that up, Facebook reports that pics and vids attract 53 percent more likes than text alone.
  2. Make sure to post later in the day – Engagement by means of liking, sharing and following, is far more likely to occur later in the day or early evening, based on research from social media expert Dan Zarrella. If you post in the morning, as you’re getting going, make sure to check back later. It will be worth it!
  3. Be quick to interact – Getting people to respond to you is hard enough: don’t leave them hanging! Make sure you develop the practice of replying to comments, tweets and status updates as soon as possible. You’re wanting to engage, not find a way avoid this!

Don’t be like Freddie!

Professional golfer Freddie Couples was asked once why he never answers the phone. His reply was, “there might be someone on the other end.” Don’t be like Freddie! Engage with your readers!

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Chik Quintans is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for helping sales teams and businesses grow. As the owner of UnderGround Marketing Society LLC, creating a strong online brand and building a broad footprint online for sales teams and businesses are he and his company's areas of focus. Whether that be leveraging marketing channels and approaches such as social media, reputation, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing and more. Chik Quintans can be reached on LinkedIn where you are invited to connect.