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Best 5 Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

By Chik Quintans | Pinterest

Aug 13

Best 5 Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

Pinterest is gradually moving up the search engine positions with over ten million users at the moment after its introduction in the year 2010. With its increase in popularity and its feature which permits the pinning of certain pictures that links to the website of your company, Pinterest offers a good business opportunity due to the predominant female user base.

Although Pinterest is fairly new to the scene of Social Media, there are a number of ways you can be able to make money using it and this article reveals the best five ways to make money with Pinterest.

One way you can make money through Pinterest is by attracting pinners and followers and to do this you have to create a pin board featuring your products, and then put a description of the keyword density and for the other pins you can offer them as giveaways. This is a type of board that works well for individuals involved in affiliate marketing.

5 Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

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The second way is to create an authority board where you will be able to display your personal skills. If you are able to optimize your authority board properly, it provides a great way of highlighting your talents and driving traffic towards your website. Many website owners have used this method and have reported that a large percentage of their traffic originates from Pinterest.

The third way is to build your network by collaborating with other people on boards. As we are aware, networking is very important and if you desire to stay in any type of industry for a long time, you need to establish relationships that are based on camaraderie and trust.

Try to express your gratitude to your followers by being hospitable, share with them great pins, like and repin their pins as well as acknowledge their efforts. By having quality relationships, your reach will expand and drive a lot of traffic to your website.

The fourth way is by linking your existing social media accounts such as facebook and twitter to Pinterest in order to get more followers. By increasing the number of followers, you will also increase traffic to your blogs and websites.

This will in turn increase the chance of your followers becoming your customers or clients. It is also good to put on your websites a Pinterest button so that visitors on your website may choose to track your Pinterest account.

The fifth way is by designing enjoyable boards that will show your creativity and imagination rather than just pining items as a way of selling to your followers. A fundamental component in any business is to build comfort between your clients and yourself. You should not be afraid of maintaining things light and enjoyable. If you enjoy what you do, it motivates you to continue with ease and this helps you to build a trustworthy relationship with your clients.

There are several ways of making money with Pinterest, you can be able to get additional ideas for your board by looking around Pinterest and finding out what is hot.

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