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Are you making any of these 5 call to action mistakes?

By Chik Quintans | Blogging

Jun 23

5 call to action mistakesAre you making any of these 5 call to action mistakes?

It would be a catastrophe to spend weeks and months coming up with a terrific product or service and prep them for market, just to see them fail miserably as a result of an inept or ineffective call to action on your sales page. Whether you’re crafting sales copy or seeking another action, such as an opt-in to your list, using an effective call to action is the most important thing on your to-do list. Continue reading as we take a look at 5 way too common call to action missteps, and why you should avoid them no matter what.

5 Call to action mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Missing in action call to action – It would surprise you to see just how many sales pages or opt-in pages are totally without a call to action. There may be a Buy Now button, but there’s more to your call to action than that, I hope.

Not asking with boldness – If you aren’t positive about your presentation of your products or services nobody else will be either. Be bold when asking for the sale, as it will provide [enter cool benefits they will receive] and solve all their problems.

Only one per page – Please don’t make the mistake of selling more than one action per page. If you are seeking a sale, or some other action, be sure that is the only purpose for that page. Competing offers cancel each other out.

No social proof – Do you have any testimonials or satisfied customer reviews or comments? Surrounding your call to action with social proof such as this can often swing the sale your direction. We all love credibility.

Your call to action blends in too well – If you done such a great job designing your call to action to fit in visually with your site that it becomes invisible, you’ve done yourself a disservice. Be sure that your call to action pops out as something they have to do, right now!

Avoid these blunders and you’re well on the way to increasing conversions.

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I hope you found this post helpful to you and your business and would greatly enjoy hearing how you’re going to implement my suggestions above. In addition, I would also like to hear about what is working for you.
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