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UnderGround Marketing Society

Our Expert Advice + Execution = Your Business Success

For us, success is defined not by our own balance sheet, but by the business opportunities generated on behalf of our customers each and every year.We know first hand the impact that a well executed marketing plan can have on your local business. We started UnderGround Marketing Society with a simple yet lofty premise, one that we’ve experienced ourselves in our own businesses. To learn about UnderGround Marketing Society and it's objectives for its customers, keep reading below:

  • Make it easier to market your business so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Leverage the power of technology and the internet
  • Apply a systematic approach to generating qualified interest via our unique process, following up on that interest and converting it into business opportunities
  • UnderGround Marketing Society’s team offers a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to marketing that emphasizes it’s client’s marketing interests.
About UnderGround Marketing Society

Chik Quintans : Founder & President UnderGround Marketing Society LLC

Chik Quintans is a Digital Marketing Strategist and the owner of UnderGround Marketing Society.  He has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs, sales teams and businesses grow. Creating a strong brand as well as a broad footprint online helps to propel and amplify growth. And working with forward thinking entrepreneurs, sales teams and businesses are his company's areas of focus. Often they are businesses that have already experienced a certain level of success with traditional marketing approaches and are now ready to take the next step in their growth plans. Whether that be leveraging marketing channels and approaches such as social media, reputation management and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing and more. 

Chik has been published and interviewed in national media outlets such as: