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7 Local SEO mistakes that are easy to make

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

Nov 23
local SEO mistakes

7 Local SEO mistakes that are easy to make

All of us are busy with our local businesses, and it can be very easy to make mistakes in SEO, especially because the it keeps changing all the time. Very few of us can afford the luxury of having a full-time SEO expert on staff, so we are left to soldier on, trying to not make fatal mistakes.

That’s why we’re taking a quick look at 7 ways you can easily screw up and what you need to do to avoid that happening.

    1. No local content for your readers – If you are serving particular locale, it might be good if it looked like you knew that. While you may have several locations, including local and, if at all possible, fresh content regularly is an excellent way to enjoy some Google love.
    2. A poor or missing keyword strategy – This is like not having directions for a long journey you are beginning. You need to know which keywords you wish to be found for, and what your audience is trying to find. This can only be done properly through some effective keyword research.
    3. No or not enough reviews – This is a very important component of your local SEO, as it will provide you with treasured social proof so important for visitors. Don’t be bashful about asking some of your satisfied customers for reviews, as they will often be glad to help.
    4. Varying NAP information – The data you put on all of your social media and sites needs to be consistent, with regards to names, addresses and phone numbers. (or other contact info) This is also extremely important for ranking in Google.
    5. What’s Your Local Score?

      Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

    6. Not using videos for local keywords – Videos can be a great tool for ranking easily in YouTube and Google for local keywords. You don’t have to go all Spielberg either; a simple video that is well-optimized will do the job.
    7. Forgetting about social media – This is not time to leave out your social media accounts. Make it easy for readers to share and otherwise help spread your content to all their social media contacts as well.
    8. Not taking mobile seriously – Mobile search is booming, and if you aren’t optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on as much as 48 percent of the local search audience. Make time to optimize your mobile site.

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