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7 Easy Ways to Get Links to Your Site in 2015

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

Apr 29
7 easy ways to get links to your site in 2015

7 Easy Ways to Get Links to Your Site in 2015

Getting links to your pages might seem old school, but it is still a primary factor in how and where your pages rank in Google and the other search engines. Obtaining relevant and authoritative backlinks is a building block of any SEO campaign, and while many are scared to death of the task, it isn’t as scary as you may think.

So since we have to get it done in order to best our competition, how can we sanely go about this? To get the process started, we’ve outlined 7 ways to get quality backlinks in 2015, to help get you the rankings you seek.

7 Simple ways to get good links into your site

Press releases – Some are running scared of press releases right now, and if you are doing these simply to score an anchor text link, you might very well be. Instead, use them for what they’re intended for: real news, naked links, and wide distribution.

Relevant business directories – This is essential if you have a local business, but is helpful for any site. Don’t blanket the Web with directory listings; but select the best and use carefully thought-out entries.

Image sites – Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are easy pickings, and have the possibility to spread your links wide. Be sure to cross promote on your other social media channels.

Guest posts – Still a viable tactic if you are able to take the time to not only write killer content, but place it on relevant, authoritative sites that get lots of traffic.

Social media – The highest and best use of social media for your business is to help you promote your other content. Extending your reach through the fans and followers of others is a smart way to get the word out.

Infographics – Quality infographics are hot right now, and more and more places are springing up to place them, not to mention plain old social media!

Videos – Links from a video on YouTube are highly regarded by Google, and have the chance to go viral if done well. Make sure your video is optimized well, so that it appears highly in YouTube search, and together with related videos.


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