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5 Big Business Marketing Tips that Won’t Bust a Small Business Budget

By Chik Quintans | Marketing

Mar 02

5 Big Business Marketing Tips that Won’t Bust a Small Business Budget

Mobile marking is a goldmine!

But you wouldn’t realize it studying the marketing activities of most local businesses…

While it’s true that the mobile revolution has arrived, local business owners are still struggling to catch up with changing consumer behavior. In a Web.com survey of 500 small-business owners, only 26 percent of respondents said they’ve invested time and money in making sure their site was optimized for mobile devices. Exactly what does this mean to you? It means you’ve got a great opportunity to stand out as a leader among local businesses—and poach competitors’ customers at the same time!

5 Big Business Marketing Tips

More than half of all searches are being done on a mobile device and you being a small business owner can take advantage of that. Even a small business on a budget can make use of these five ways to target mobile users.

  1. Optimize the website for Mobile Users – Google did a survey and found that 61 percent of consumers will leave a website if it is not properly optimized for mobile users. Without a mobile optimized site, whatever else falls by the wayside. Your website must be mobile friendly and available on all platforms.
  2. Get into Mobile Ads – As surprising as it might seem, mobile ad platforms are often cheap and effective. Also, there is a lot of inventory going unsold each month, keeping prices down. Now is the time to explore mobile ads.
  3. SMS and Push Notifications – SMS messages (text messages) have a great open rate. According to Frost and Sullivan, they’re opened at an amazing 95 percent! Push notifications are also an execllent way to keep in contact with your customers who choose to opt-in.
  4. Using Mobile with Your Social Media – Having the capability to connect real-time with your social networks and send links to coupons, specials, events and even a link to your latest YouTube video is a surefire way to not just increase traffic and buzz, but also to aid your site’s search engine ranking. Google hangouts are now becoming a new and exciting way to reach potential customers in real-time.
  5. Location Based Marketing and Passbook – Your small business needs to be found on the web. In the past, it meant Foursquare and Yelp. Although this still holds true, you also have to begin investigating new technology like Passbook also. Passbook is an excellent new app that enables its user to save all kinds of things like boarding passes, gift cards, coupons, store cards, coupons and all varieties of mobile payments.

The most critical thing for local small businesses is to collect knowledge and always keep learning. Remember, it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t need to be expensive. You just need to begin where you are and never stop learning.


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