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3 Marketing Suggestions Most Local Business Owners Never Discover

By Chik Quintans | Content Marketing

Jan 23
3 Marketing suggestions Most Local Business Owners Never Discover

Three Marketing Ideas For Most Local Business Owners To Discover

Below are three simple ideas to help your business gain more exposure online and potentially reach more customers, clients, and patients.

Comment on Industry Affiliated Sites

You could once shoot your website up the search rankings by paying IT companies to scatter hundreds of backlinks across the web. Google now keeps a close eye on this, but fortunately, you may make your own valuable backlinks with little to no effort.

Image via @ https://www.searchenginejournal.com/business-user-forum-can-skyrocket-seo/108259/

Find the most used websites related to your industry, especially forums, and create accounts there. There are commonly signature boxes where you can put any information. Keep a backlink to your website here. Take the time to actively get involved in conversations, and you will have made your very own backlinks.

Send out a Thank You Note

About 90 percent of commercial thank you notes are actually just emails. This works fine if you run a typical retail shop or something similar. If your consumers are spending a great deal of money, though, this isn't enough. Let customers know they really matter by mailing a handwritten thank you card. In many instances, they will share it on social media to display their happy surprise.

Repost and Repurpose

Many small business owners have finally realized how valuable repurposed content can be. This basically means taking old successful content and recreating it in different formats, such as infographics or videos, to give followers an additional chance at it.

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What many budding entrepreneurs still are not able to do, though, is simply repost content without changing a thing. Facebook will throttle your reach if you repost a link too quickly after its original post, but give it some time and you will be all set. Statistics show that these reposts can get up to 75 % of the original post's reach.

No marketing and advertising tip should go undetected. Regrettably, the aforementioned usually do. Make sure you are not making the same mistakes as your competition by overlooking these little-known approaches.


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